Saturday, June 27, 2009


Everyday I try to get me and the kids out of the house at least once. Sometimes this is a monumental task, and others it is a piece of cake. I have come to depend very much on my "schedule". I depend on those little babies sleeping until at least 7:30. Quinn is more dependable than Lucy, which seems fair since she is only 5 months old. Today that little princess slept until 9:30! (a new record!) I get up at about 6 am everyday and "relieve" my breastfeeding boobies. (ahhhhhh!) Then try to exercise and shower before any of the kids are up. If I am able to accomplish that, the chances of us getting anywhere outside the house before Quinn's nap, is great! If one of the kids wakes up before 7:30, my whole day is thrown off. So everyday I rack my brain of what we can do besides the monotonous errands of life. Sometimes it is as simple as going to Grammies for a swim. Sometimes it is going to McDonalds so Quinn can play on the Playland. I have also been known to take the kids to splashpads, Bounce U, the park, the pool and just a walk around the neighborhood. Last summer we frequented the indoor playground at the Superstition Springs mall. So all you moms out there---what do you do with your kids?

Thursday, June 11, 2009


It's been a month since I last posted and I can hardly believe it! I guess lots has been going on. I have been naughty. And speaking of naughty, I have a naughty son. Overall, he is good natured and very joyful, he just does not like to be disciplined. But I am reminded on a daily basis how much joy he brings into my life. He took me through a tough time and he will never know how much that buck tooth smile meant to me!! These days he is the dancing/music/singing man! At church the other day the choir got up to sing and he grabbed a hymn book, opened it up and walked into the aisle where all could see as he started singing! It was so cute! He will walk up to his sister and put his hand out like he is going to hit her and say "no, no", then quickly leans down and gives her a kiss. He loves to be tickled and will even fake laugh so you will tickle him some more. (maybe he is just dying for some attention!) Whenever we get in the car he says "song, song, song" and he LOVES the songs with drums at the beginning or guitar solos. He plays both as you can see in my previous post. Quinn isn't eating a lot these days and sometimes I will just leave is plate out so he can graze. But when he is done you know it. He takes his sippy cup, plate, and utensils...throws them in the sink and then claps his hands. It makes me smile everytime. He is growing up so fast and I want to remember that yes, Quinn was a happy and joyful child despite any disobedience to authority!