Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Couch is My Life

I haven't updated the blog a lot, because honestly there isn't much to tell. The couch has become my new home. I am not hard to find, because I am ALWAYS there. This past week when I went to the doctor, she said that the baby looks good and so does the cervix. The surgery I had is doing the trick! Baby already weighs 2 1/2 pounds. The plan is to have the C-Section around 37 weeks. I have been cleared for 2 "outings" a week. I mainly just go to the movies since I can recline in the chairs. I saw Twilight with the girls this week and will probably see another with Jason this weekend.

I am so sad to be on bedrest during the holidays. It has been hard to lay there and want so badly to decorate and get in the Christmas spirit. I often bake or make Toffee as Christmas presents for neighbors and friends. It really does dappen your mood when you are helpless. Jason did put up a tree and for that I am very thankful. At least there is some sort of Christmas spirit going on in our house.