Monday, June 23, 2008

Accidents Happen

I was debating whether to call this post "Mother of the Year" because that is the award I should win. I mean, who leaves a HOT flat iron laying around where any 16 month old can touch it. Oh, a lot of people? Then maybe I do not deserve the Mother of the Year award. My heart broke when Quinn touched my flat iron and burned his two fingers. But the more I share with people what happened, the more curling iron burn stories I hear. It WAS an accident and we spent Sunday morning at Urgent Care so they could tell us to do nothing. That is what a $60 co-pay gets you these days. A nurse in our ward gave me some aloe and told us to give him Tylenol. (thank you!!) Other than that, he should heal on his own. Sigh....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Aren't They Beautiful?

Do I have the best sister in the world or what? These arrived yesterday at a time when I needed a little pick me up. How thoughtful and how gorgeous!! Thank you Shannon! I love you!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mr. Voss

I met him when I was 10 years old. I had a crush on his son, Tommy Voss. He was an unusually big man, but had a very sweet heart. I swam in his pool, watched movies at his house, and even kissed his son!! But I didn't really get to know Mr. Voss until he became Coach Voss. He started coaching me my sophomore year in High School. He had always coached guys and this was his first experience with coaching girls. Later he tells me that he knew nothing about women even though he was married and had a daughter of his own. Our first year together was an adjustment, but I loved his coaching style. Stearn, not harsh, competitive, though not over the top. He told us that the only person allowed to yell at us during our games was him. (that included all parents) That meant that my dad had to sit there with his mouth shut during all games! If not, Coach Voss would kindly ask him to leave. He made us run more than any coach I had. But he was smart. He conditioned us so that no matter how tough the game, or how bad the weather, that we would never get tired. He bribed us. He would say, "if you beat San Ramon, I will shave a mohawk" or "if you go undeafeted this season, I will shave half my beard, dye my hair black and dye my beard red." All this from a 45 year old working man. And believe me, we won and he shaved and dyed. (oh how did his wife put up with that?!?!) He took our team out to breakfast every game day. I share all of this because I graduated from High School 16 years ago. I have not seen Mr. Voss for 16 years, and last Friday I met him in Danville California and we had dinner together. How fun to talk about old times and what he meant during my High School years. He motivated me and helped me be more competitive (is that possible?). And like I said, he had the most tender of hearts. He is 60 now, walking a little more slowly and displaying more grays. But he is still the same old Coach Voss that I remember from High School. "Willy!" he used to call me. And when I saw him at dinner he said "Willy, I thought I lost you." Below is a picture of the 2 of us my Senior year. We won the North Coast Sectionals that year. Hence, the half beard, black beard, red haired crazy man standing next to me.

1st Haircut

For those of you who know Quinn, it took a long time for this little rugrat to get hair. Well now that he has it, it is a little out of control! So while we were in CA we decided to buzz it. His cousin, Grant was sporting the mohawk while we were there, and though I was tempted to follow suit, we just gave Q-man a buzz! Thanks Uncle Steve for buzzin" him!




Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Since we all know that is is hotter than HELL here in the summer (sorry for the language mom), it is important that you and your kids know how to swim. So, we signed Quinn up for swimming lessons. He has had 4 so far. They started out easy enough and he was a good sport. The mommies even get in with the kids and learn the techniques to teach the child whenever you are in a pool. Then teacher Sara got a hold of Quinn and made him go under. I didn't mind so much and thought it was good for him to get used to. But Quinn has a problem opening his mouth, wanting to taste and swallow the water. He does this in the bathtub as well. So while teacher Sara is dunking him, he has his mouth open, tongue out. Of course he chokes on the water and is mad and crying. Every swimming lesson since has been the same. He sees Sara and immediately starts crying. That is until she busts out her licorice. Red Vine anyone? Quinn, we are finding, is easily bribed with food. (and just so you all know, he is only 70% in weight. But 95% in height.) So I am OK with a little bribery now and then. We have one more lesson. I am hoping with some licorice and good coercing that he will be able to go under without crying. I have not been able to get a lot of photos of him in the actual swim lesson, because I am in there with him. But here are a few....

Waiting for the lesson to begin
For a special treat, a "ride" on Shamu

All this boy is thinking is "get me off the whale. Where is the licocrice lady?"

AAHHH! Happy again. Notice licorice in hand.