Friday, September 26, 2008

The Sweater

That's me, in the middle! On Feb. 18, 1987, I was named one of the athletes of the week by our local paper. There is a funny story behind the picture. I was telling it to Jason this morning, and although he didn't think it was exactly funny, I thought I would do a post about it.
I was 13 years old when this picture was taken. It was the 80's and BIG sweaters were in! My dad had a big sweater that I liked that I decided to wear to school one day. I did not ask him as I knew that he would probably say no. So, I snuck into his closet, shoved into my backpack and put it on once I was at school. That day the paper came to my Jr. High School and took my picture for this article. I left the sweater in my locker that day and kind of forgot about it. A couple of days later my dad asked me if I had his sweater and I said "no". (oops! that is why Jason did not think this was a funny story) I stuck to my story and figured I would get the sweater out of my locker and put it back in his closet and all would be well. The next morning the paper came and my dad was livid! There I was smiling with my big ol' braces in HIS SWEATER! Yikes! What a stupid teenager I was! He drove me down to the school that instant and made me open my locker and retrieve the sweater. I do not remember what my punishment was for that stunt, but I feel I should be punished now for my idiotic mind thinking he would never know, as I stood there smiling for the picture. (Yes, I am ashamed that I did that, but it makes for a good story)

Monday, September 22, 2008

"I" Stole This

I am... pregnant. My ever expanding belly and booty remind me everyday!

I'd like to think... that my decisions in life thus far, have been pretty good ones.

I've become... shorter. I tell everyone I am 5’8” because that is what I was measured at last pregnancy. Then at one of my doctor appointments, they said I was 5’7 1/2”.

I think...I look good in black.

I know...that life is not fair. Need I say more?

I want... for those I love to be happy and blessed!

I have...the naughtiest son. Cute, but naughty.

I wish...I never had a migraine headache again.

I hate...when my husband is right. Ya know, when you are sure that you are right! Nothing worse than having to say, “honey, you were right. I am sorry.”

I so close to the beach. The smell of the ocean, the sound of the ocean. There is nothing better!

I husband dying.

I hear...that if you drink a Diet Coke while eating a cookie, the calories from the cookie are cancelled out.

I smell...poopy diapers every time I get Quinn up from a nap.

I wonder...when attacks on our country will stop and America will be at peace with the world.

I regret...not trying harder in High School.

I love...when I hear from old friends or family unexpectedly.

I always...have dessert. I have no will power or control. Unless of course, the dessert is pie. Then I can pass with no problems!!!

I am not... very creative. I try, but it just isn’t happening!

I believe...we will all be accountable for our actions someday.

I don't always...see the best in myself. I am my own worst critic.

I win...most of my battles with Quinn. (I hear that may change someday)

I lose... rings a lot. My oldest ring is my wedding ring, and I am surprised I haven’t lost it yet.

I never... think the worst in a person. Yes, I’ve been burned, but it is much more fun thinking that people are basically good.

I listen... to music ALL the time in the car. Quinn’s favorites are Kelly Clarkson and the Black Eyed Peas!

I read...before I go to bed.

I...invite everyone else to make an "I list." They are so fun to read

Jason and I on our honeymoon. AAAHHHH!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

For Angi

Dear Angi:

I am sorry that I have not posted for a while. My life has been sucking the energy and will to blog right out of me. I have been busy with the planning and carrying out of an Enrichment night. Making posters, invitations, phone calls, etc. You know the drill. I have also been busy trying to keep Quinn out of trouble. Just yesterday I found him on TOP of his hutch. He had climbed up on a carpet cleaner I had in his room and boosted himself up on the hutch. I also find him playing with water wherever he can get it turned on. The master bath, his bath, or the kitchen. He pushes a chair over to the sink and turns the water on by himself and tries to have his own waterpark on my kitchen floor. The cleanup alone dirties up 3 or 4 towels. So then there is laundry to do. Oh, he also likes to try new ways to climb over his gate in the playroom. He turns his Lego tub over and climbs on top of that and tries to escape. He is obsessed with balloons right now and I cannot make a trip to the grocery store without having to purchase him one. We currently have 4 "Happy Birthday" balloons at the house. (it isn't anyones birthday...) He insists on taking my shoes out of the basket that they are so neatly stored in, and leaves them all around the house. The other morning I came in to find this....
The cleanup wasn't so bad on this one. And where am I when this little boy is getting into things and turning on water you ask? Oh, making innvitations, or making posters.....But tonight the Enrichment activity happened and I am all done! I plan to sleep for 2 days and then I will continue as a faithful blogger and try to post more frequently.
Thank you for your love and concern.

Slacker Blogger

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11

I couldn't let today go by without acknowledging 9/11. For the people who 7 years ago lost their loved ones, ran out of the Twin Towers, went down in a hijacked plane, or those of us that watched the terror unfold on TV, my heart goes out! I remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news. I had just arrived at work (6:30 am) and a co-worker said that an airplane crashed into one of the towers. I first thought it was probably a private plane that lost control. As the news got worse and worse as the day went on, I could not tear myself away from the TV they had going in the break room. I was horrified and scared. What was going on. Over the next several weeks I became obsessed. I watched TV for hours when I got home. I bought every magazine that even mentioned the tragedies of that day. My heart was so full. I felt lucky that it wasn't me. I felt blessed that it did not affect any of immediate family members either. Since then, I still seem to want to know more. I have watched the documentaries, the Hollywood films, and the TV shows that depict or tell the 9/11 stories. I don't know how you live through that. My heart goes out to all who lost a loved one on that terrible day. How unimagineable.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

For Jessica

Dear Jessica,

It has been 6 months since you left us. We miss you everyday. God had a purpose when He took you. I thank you for being a valiant, noble, and precious daughter to Him, and to us. I know you are singing with the angels and in our Heavenly Father's care. How I look forward to our sweet reunion. You make me want to be a better mother and I know you are with me everyday. Sometimes I catch glimpses of what you must look like through your brother Quinn.

I am happy that I was able to hold you and kiss your sweet face if only for a little while. I know you are happy, and heaven will keep you safe until we're home with you.

I love you baby girl!


Mom Jessica and her Aunt TT (one of my favorite pictures)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

What We've Been Up To

We have been busy having fun and working! Quinn is getting bigger and smarter and more "boy" everyday! One of his favorite pastimes is to get on top of any table and clap his hands. See below: This is over at Aunt Anna's house. (sorry about the table, Anna!)

We went out to dinner with Grammie and Papa at Delux burger in Phoenix. MMMMMM! Unfortunately, the only picture I got was of Quinn playing with the shopping cart that the fries come in.We celebrated Grandma and Grandpa Scanlan's birthdays on Labor Day. We went over to Aunt Anna's and had some grub and dessert. Then we opened presents! Quinn had a great time with his cousins and the highlight for me was talking and seeing, via Apple Computer, Jason's only sister that doesn't live in AZ. Rachel and her family sung happy birthday with us and chatted for a while. It was cool!Grandma and Grandpa opening presents, with a little help from Isabella. (aren't they all beautiful and tan....they had just gotten back from Hawaii!!)

I have been busy making invitations and planning our Enrichment Opening Social. It sort of fell into my lap because the Enrichment Leader is adopting a child and the baby decided to come early! The Enrichment Leader had to hurry out to Utah (was there for the delivery) and must stay for 2 weeks before she can leave the state with the new baby. I made these invitations myself. Too many man hours to count!! Lots of cutting and gluing.

We took Quinn to a waterpark in Tempe. He enjoyed it, but we thought he would go crazy with delight. Seems he still likes to play on stairs and pick up trash off the ground better. Jason bought us shaved ice as a treat and he ate that up! Me and Quinn, chilling at the waterpark

I had a doctor's appointment last week to check on the baby, and all is well. It was a relief to hear the heartbeat and know the baby was OK thus far. I am still thinking it is a boy.....