Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Got Tagged

So my sister-in-law Angi tagged me. I fear that it was a pity tag. She wanted to give me something to do!!! Since my life is a total bore since being on bedrest, you will have to excuse my lame answers and many of them referring back to my BEDREST!!

1. Grey's Anatomy
2. The Office
3. Interventiom

Favorite Restaurants:
1. Costa Vida
2. Cheesecake Factory
3. almost any mexican Restaurant

Least Favorite Restaurant:
1. Applebees
2. Anything with seafood

Things that happened Yesterday:
1. Alyssa brought me lunch!
2. Finished the book "Twilight"
3. The house got cleaned

Things I'm Looking Forward to:
1. Jason coming home
2. Sister coming in 9 days
3. Baby coming in 12 weeks

Things I am NOT Looking Forward to:
1. Laying on the couch tomorrow
2. Laying on the couch the day after that
3. Laying on the couch the day after that

Things I Love about Fall:
1. There is Fall in Arizona?

Wish List:
1. Ability to accomplish more in less time
2. That everyday I was on bedrest a different celebrity would come and visit me!!
3. That it was Feb already

Things I do NOT wish for:
1. Obama as President
2. More complications
3. Another Great Depression

And here I have made my own new special category....
3 Decisons I Make on a Daily Basis:
1. When in the shower-should I even bother shaving my legs?
2. What should I read today?
3. Should I get out of bed and move to the couch?

So now as it goes, I am supposed to tage some other people: Tia, Mom Scanlan, Gretchen, Anna, and whomever else wants to do it!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another Baby Update

No pictures this time, strictly text. I went in for a follow up ultra sound to find that my cervix was open! There is a suregery they can do to stitch your cervix closed called a circlage. So Tuesday evening I had the surgery done and was in the hospital until Friday. The surgery went well and I did not have any cramping or contractions. (a good thing) After our experience with the last baby I could not help but be scared and sad. I was hoping for ZERO complications this pregnancy, but to my surprise, I do not have "free" pass this go around. The topper for me is that I am now on bedrest and have very limited up time. (10 minutes on the computer) I can shower, go to the bathroom and eat!
Thank goodness for family who have come to the rescue! Have you ever been so overwhelmed with the help and love of family that it brings you to tears? That is me! My mom and mother in law are both here locally and are my heroes. Anyone who has been around Quinn knows he is an extremely active boy with lots of energy. He is in constant need of watching because he is very curious. Most of Jason's family is here locally as well and have also stepped up. It has been amazing! More updates later, I think my 10 minutes is up!!!