Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Garden

I have always wanted to try and garden. I admire the people who can grow vegetables and then eat them with their lunch or dinner. I think it is the coolest that they can have their own little farmers market right in their backyard. I have shyed away from it, not knowing where to start. Plus, I have a tiny little backyard and the heat here is extreme! Would anything ever grow? And so if you are reading this thinking that I started one, I didn't. I hate to disappoint, but I just didn't. BUT, my mother-in-law grew some wicked (good) tomatoes this summer and we were able to partake! Thanks Mom! Here is the yummy "salad" I made with her tomatoes. And perhaps this will inspire me to try gardening!
Tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, EVOO, salt and pepper

Friday, July 2, 2010

Swim Herschel Swim

First day of Swim Lessons

Giving his "teacher" Matt a high five
Getting ready to get in the pool
Alligator arms across the pool
Quinn with his class

I signed Quinn up for swimming lessons this summer through Mesa Parks and Rec. If you are looking for a high calibur, intense, educational swimming lesson experience, then DO NOT go here! I guess I was looking for a class that would actually teach him how to swim. Quinn was very excited at first, but as the lessons went on he became less and less enthusiastic. I had to start bribing him with candy to stay in the pool for the whole lesson. I mean, how many times can you "paint" your arms blue and your legs red? They did a few kicking exercises and a few "alligator" arms as they walked across the shallow end, but that was about it. It was a little disappointing for me, and Quinn still doesn't know how to swim.

Hotter Than Hot

Now I am not one to swear (well maybe not), but it gets hotter than hell here! So, on a good hot afternoon I fill the water table up and let the kids go nuts! This "activity" can kill a good two hours in the afternoon. They love it! I have fun watching them dump water, splash eachother, and ofcourse, make mud pies.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Work It

This picture is out of focus because A) This girl never stops and B) it was taken with my cell phone. But you can still see the gem of an outfit I picked up at Target for her for $5. Are the 70's coming back or what? The one piece tank/short! Are you kidding me?!? Had to get it! Ofcourse it has Suzanne Somers written all over it, but I think Lucy can pull this look off! Plus it hides her enormous belly! And in case you are wondering, I have also seen these for adult women. Mostly in terry cloth, but hey, if Chrissy and Janet can get away with it, so can we!! Happy Summer!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Self Feed

The Self Feed is a double edged sword to me. Lucy is now 15 months old and definitely showing some interest in feeding herself. But I can't decide which is worse. Sitting there feeding her, or cleaning her up after she feeds herself. I love that the self feed gives the child a bit of independence. I love that the self feed lets me have my hands free. But I hate the self feed when there is food EVERYWHERE!! Yes, I realize being a mom is cleaning up messes. But honestly, it is no fun trying to get yogurt out of ears, hair and clothes! And then to see how filthy the actual high chair is after a self feed makes me want to feed her myself. Anyways, with that said, here are some pics of Lucy's very 1st self feed. (she stole this yogurt off the table when mama wasn't looking!! I put her up in the high chair and let her go to town!)

Love this one because you can see how filthy her hands are!

OK, she is an angel! Look at that face!

Nothing to do on a Sunday Afternoon

Starring: Quinn Scanlan as the Puller
Lucy Scanlan as the Pullee


Quinn's Wardrobe provided by: Underroos

Lucy's Wardrobe provided by: Pampers

Monday, May 17, 2010

All the Scanlan's

What do you do when ALL the Scanlan's are finally together? Take a family photo, ofcourse! Lucy Jane (13 months)

Jason, Emily, Quinn and Lucy
Jason and Emily
The reason we all showed up, Grandma and Grandpa Scanlan!! The whole Scanlan Clan! Jason has 3 younger sisters and a younger brother. There are 14 grandchildren and counting!
Jason, Emily, Quinn and Lucy (can't get those kids to smile for anything!)
Quinn, the whitest kid you've ever seen! But such a cutie!
Lulu, again (I seem to have a lot more pics of Lucy than I do Quinn...)
Here we all are! Together for a quick weekend. Jason's sister Anna lives in Colorado, and his sister Rachel lives in Oregon. So we rarely get to see them!
Hats off to our photographer, Jamie, who put up with us!! To see more of her work, go HERE.