Thursday, April 1, 2010

Quinn Had a Hernia!

One day when I was getting Quinn ready for bed, I noticed that he had a little swelling by his groin area. I didn't think to much of it and the next morning I asked Jason to look at it, and right away he said "I bet that is an inguinal hernia". I had never heard of such a thing! But apparently it is quite common. I wish I could explain why and how it happens, but I can't remember! All I know is that it took surgery to repair. So a couple of weeks ago we woke Quinn up early and drove him to Cardon's Childrens Hospital. Poor guy didn't know what was going to hit him! We did try and prepare him a little. We told him they were going to fix him. We practiced the night before breathing into a mask so that he wouldn't freak when they tried to give him gas. ( he is one claustrophobic kid!) He was such a good sport and even wanted to practice when we got to the hospital. Pre-Surgery they let him ride around on a wagon type thing and he thought life was good. When they came to get him for surgery, he was a little scared and had to have daddy come. But the parents are only allowed to go so far. I am sure when they got him back to the OR they gased him immediately!! Poor guy. "He was a champ," the surgeon said "and all went well." We were there when he was coming out of the anesthesia and that was probably the worst part. These kids are mad and angry!! I held him for a long time and he did finally calm down. When we got home he took a 3 hour and nap, and when he woke up it was as if nothing ever happened. He wanted to go outside and his! Ah, everything had turned out OK.

Daddy pushing Quinn around the Pre-Surgery area
Quinn practicing his breathing with a "mask"
And more practicing
The end of the road....(you can see above the door it says PEDS OR) Daddy took him as far as he could