Friday, July 2, 2010

Swim Herschel Swim

First day of Swim Lessons

Giving his "teacher" Matt a high five
Getting ready to get in the pool
Alligator arms across the pool
Quinn with his class

I signed Quinn up for swimming lessons this summer through Mesa Parks and Rec. If you are looking for a high calibur, intense, educational swimming lesson experience, then DO NOT go here! I guess I was looking for a class that would actually teach him how to swim. Quinn was very excited at first, but as the lessons went on he became less and less enthusiastic. I had to start bribing him with candy to stay in the pool for the whole lesson. I mean, how many times can you "paint" your arms blue and your legs red? They did a few kicking exercises and a few "alligator" arms as they walked across the shallow end, but that was about it. It was a little disappointing for me, and Quinn still doesn't know how to swim.


raegan said...

sorry...that is such a bummer! I found a couple that taught Ryan this summer (we didn't do Reese because of tubes) and they were FANTASTIC!!! A little pricey because they are private lessons, but Ryan learned more the first week that he had in a whole year at our other swim lessons! Come over to our house and let Quinn practice his new skilz! :)