Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Self Feed

The Self Feed is a double edged sword to me. Lucy is now 15 months old and definitely showing some interest in feeding herself. But I can't decide which is worse. Sitting there feeding her, or cleaning her up after she feeds herself. I love that the self feed gives the child a bit of independence. I love that the self feed lets me have my hands free. But I hate the self feed when there is food EVERYWHERE!! Yes, I realize being a mom is cleaning up messes. But honestly, it is no fun trying to get yogurt out of ears, hair and clothes! And then to see how filthy the actual high chair is after a self feed makes me want to feed her myself. Anyways, with that said, here are some pics of Lucy's very 1st self feed. (she stole this yogurt off the table when mama wasn't looking!! I put her up in the high chair and let her go to town!)

Love this one because you can see how filthy her hands are!

OK, she is an angel! Look at that face!


Brown Bunny said...

Lucy is just sharing a beauty secret....yogurt is good for the skin. I agree she is a little angel with beautiful blue eyes!

raegan said...

So cute! That is why we strip our children for meal time at the Turner house and I got rid of high chairs at about that point as well. It really helps with the clean up!

Gretchen J said...

Love it!! Get some Bumkins bibs with sleeves, they keep clothes clean and you can wash them in the dishwasher. I still put them on Isaac when it's pasta night!!